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Gender equality and financial success

Gender equality and financial success

Ghost written for Connie Wimer, Chairman, Business Publications Corp., promoting a BPC-sponsored event held by the Iowa Newspaper Foundation. Published in the Iowa Newspaper Association weekly newsletter on September 24, 2014.

Let’s have a conversation about your newspaper’s financial success

There have been research studies from numerous organizations focusing on gender diversity as it relates to a company’s bottom line. One such organization is McKinsey & Company, a global management firm. McKinsey found that, of 89 companies it studied, those with gender diversity in leadership experienced a higher return on equity, operating profit and stock price. McKinsey does not proclaim that having women in leadership causes better results, but rather that having both men and women in leadership is good for the bottom line. Forward-thinking companies are finding that company excellence comes with equality.

If this topic is of interest to you or, more importantly, if you want to have a discussion about improving your bottom line, please join me and members of the Iowa Newspaper Association on Thursday, October 9th for Financial Success for Your Newspaper through Strategic Staffing.

Warren Buffet, an owner of newspapers all across the country, believes so strongly that women are being underutilized that he’s challenged men to “get onboard.” In a May, 2013 article in Fortune, Buffet said “So, my fellow males, what’s in this for us? Why should we care whether the remaining barriers facing women are dismantled and the fun-house mirrors junked? … The closer that America comes to fully employing the talents of all its citizens, the greater its output of goods and services will be.”

The October 9th event will kick off with a keynote address by Geneva Overholser, Senior Fellow at the Annenberg Center for Communication Leadership and Policy at the University of Southern California and a former Des Moines Register editor. Overholser currently works with the Women’s Media Center in New York City. We will also introduce the audience to some additional statistics relating to the “return on investment” created when women are involved at a leadership level and a panel of decision-makers from Iowa’s newspaper industry will discuss “best practices for recruiting and hiring for a better bottom line.”

An invitation to this important event is enclosed. Please read the following story on this subject by Pulitzer Prize-winning editor Tim Gallagher and join me on October 9th to continue the conversation.