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April, 2015 INA Executive Director’s report to boards

April, 2015 INA Executive Director’s report to boards

As Executive Director of the Iowa Newspaper Association, I wrote a monthly report to its three boards of directors.  The report always included the financial report for the prior month and an update on activities of which the boards needed to be aware.

Executive Director’s Board Report      April, 2015

Financial reports: Enclosed is the March, 2015 consolidated financial report. We had a very good first quarter.  We ended the month with income/expenses for the consolidated companies of $—, $— ahead of budget for the year.  We ended the month ahead of the staff budget target by $—. Highlights:

  • Pages contributions are $— ahead of budget through March. In 2014, our Pages contributions through March were behind budget by $—.
  • “Other contributions” (non-Pages) are $— ahead of budget year-to-date. In 2014, our non-Pages contributions through March were behind budget by $—.
  • Net income over expense on display sales is up slightly, $—. However, Network sales are up $— (net).  In most instances, other state’s Network sales are down significantly.

If you have any questions on the financial report, please let me know.

Convention: As I reported in my March report, the overall rating for the INA Convention and Trade Show was 3.29 on a 4-point scale.  This is an improvement from the 3.10 in 2014.  In addition, the financial report is now complete and the Convention was also a financial success, ending with $— income over expenses, $— better than budgeted.  You may recall the 2014 Convention fell short of budget by $—.  I’ve enclosed the income and expense graphs for the Convention, which shows where the income came from and where it was spent.

INA Ed Thomas Mr. Football award: This award, which was created by the INA All State Committee in 2011 following the tragic death of the beloved Aplington/Parkersburg football coach at the hands of one of his former students, will be featured in the Iowa Hall of Pride museum.  We are very pleased that the INA and this award will be on display for visitors to see.

Partnership with GateHouse Media: The news release announcing INF’s Online Media Campus partnership with GateHouse Media recently ran in PubAux.  It’s enclosed for your information.

IPIB administrative rules recommendations: The Iowa Public Information Board voted at its March meeting to recommend several administrative rules changes proposed by its executive director, Charlie Smithson.  Among other things, the rule changes would clarify the following:

  1. That 24-hour notice of a meeting also applies when there is a change in the date, time or place of the original meeting;
  2. That posting of a notice in a locked room or other area that is not easily accessible to the public or in an area that is not normally used for the posting of notices or public announcements shall not be deemed proper notice;
  3. That the inclusion of a closed session item on an agenda shall include a brief statement as to the purpose of the closed session. It shall not be deemed sufficient notice for the governmental body to only reference the statute by number and subparagraph without more information; and
  4. On an annual basis the board shall review advisory opinions it issued that year and determine which opinions should be adopted into rule.

The rules will now be submitted and subject to the rule-making process.  The earliest they could become effective is late July.  However, the process is quite involved.  I’ve summarized it briefly below.

  1. The agency, in this case the IPIB, submits its rule recommendations to the administrative code editor, who reviews the rules to make sure they are stylistically accurate, etc.
  2. The “Notice of Intended Action” is then published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin, which is published every two weeks.  It will include a public comment period, usually 20 days, during which anyone can submit written comments about the proposed rules. In addition, a date for a public hearing is set and published (usually the last day of the comment period).
  3. Based on written comments and feedback at the public hearing, the agency may revise its proposed rules. The proposed rules are then published a second time in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin including an effective date.
  4. At some point during the above process, the Administrative Rules Review Committee, composed of five Senators and five Representatives, three of whom are in the majority party in each chamber, meet.  This Committee meets monthly all year long. It may request that a representative from the agency (IPIB) be present. The Administrative Rules Review Committee can be lobbied.  This Committee can formally delay the process, including a “session delay” until the next legislative session.  It can also encourage the agency to withdraw its proposed rules.

Upcoming board meetings:  Just a reminder (as if you haven’t heard it enough), the spring board meetings will be held on Thursday, April 30 in Dubuque.  This meeting will be in conjunction with the Wisconsin Newspaper Association’s board meeting.  We have planned a dinner for Wednesday night at the River Museum and a trolley to Galena for dinner on Thursday night.

The summer board meeting will be held July 9 and 10 in Okoboji.  We will take a ride around Lake Okoboji on The Queen on Thursday evening and end with dinner at Rabab’s in the Emporium.  Friday night, we’ll enjoy the water on one of the many party barges on the lake.


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