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Give a hand up to these warriors

Give a hand up to these warriors

Tragedy brings people together and bridges divides.  We rally around a common purpose. We forget our political views and why we started a beef with our neighbor. Instead, we remember that everyone needs a hand up from time to time. And we willingly extend our hand. The warmth of the human experience is revealed. We feel alive in the company of loss.

The tragedy of February 24, 2017 resulted in just that reaction.  On that fateful evening, three members of the Colorado Obstacle Racers were traveling to Arizona for a race. As they traveled through New Mexico, their car was rear-ended by another traveling at 100 mph, killing Corrina Vaden and seriously injuring Kym Butcher and Elizabeth Rotter.

COR teammates immediately shifted into high gear to help the families of their fallen friends. #3CORWarriors was born, with a goal to raise $60,000…$20,000 for each of the families.

In the month of May, supporters are running, walking, biking or hiking a minimum of 5K to raise awareness of the tragedy and financially support the families impacted by this split-second, life-changing event.

We’ve all been impacted by an unexpected death, a life-altering injury or a severed relationship. And, we remember those who offered us a hand up. In fact, we’ll never forget them. Their generous act or kind words are branded in our mind. Being reminded of that time, while painful, also causes us to think of those in our lives, close to home and far away, who have given us a hand up at a time when it seemed we would never rise again.

So, don your tennis shoes, track your distance and time and share your experience at #3CORWarriors. It makes no difference what you do or where. If you’re a runner, run. If you bike, peddle to honor these victims. If swimming is your go to, freestyle, backstroke or butterfly in their name. Or, just hit the gym and take to the treadmill for 3.1 miles.

Register at 3 COR Warriors Virtual Run!. Each participant will receive a #3CORWarrior medal, donated by a COR team member.

Post a photo after you’ve completed your run, hike or swim at #3CORWarriors and, most importantly, have fun. Kym and Elizabeth, and the family of Corrina, are humbled by the incredible support they’ve received from friends, family and complete strangers from across the globe.

Help raise money for this amazing group of women and have a really good time doing it.



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