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Anticipating summer

Anticipating summer

And so it begins. As we eagerly anticipate warmer weather and the docks being cleared from our shoreline and finding their footings on the sandy lake bottom, we just as eagerly look forward to the family and friends who will cross our threshold this summer.

Now that we’ve turned the calendar to April, we’ll be nudging our landscaper to dust off the plans we discussed in December and get busy planting.  We’ll be reminding another that we’re ready to start irrigating our lawn and we’ll gently push the marina to put spring unbundling and cleaning of our boat ahead of the myriad others eager to get out on the water. Summer is just around the corner and there’s a lot to do.

The outdoor furniture must be pulled out of storage and cleaned. I’ve got at least two DIY projects I’m eager to start (more about those in future blogs) and the calendar is already filling up with family and friends ready to escape to tranquil, little Crosslake for much-needed relaxation and the Chocolate Ox’s ice cream.

You can hear the effort of nature as it explodes on the scene. The ice on the lake cracks as it shifts and moves. The buds on the trees pop as they reach toward the sun and the squish, squish of my Vans cause me to tip toe through the soft, wet grass.

I feel a bit like the small Nuthatch that has weathered the winter in the Minnesota cold, eager to once again share his surroundings with friends and family. I can almost hear the pleasure in his morning song, greeting the wayward Cardinals and the many varieties of finches.

I, too, am eager to welcome my friends and family back to the lake this spring and summer. The house comes alive with familiar voices, the smell of suntan lotion and the feeling of sand under my bare feet.

But for today, the planning will have to remain just that…planning.  While the ice is almost out on the lake, no one will be jumping in anytime soon. The trees are still bare, although I see the familiar buds of spring poking through some of the branches. The wind is gusting…but it feels a little warmer, a little friendlier, coaxing me outside. And the birds are going through their feed at a much faster clip, as more and more of their feathered friends have returned to the north woods.

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